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11 September 2019Georgia O’Keeffe: In dialogue with the writings of D.H Lawrence and Aldous Huxley
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06 November 2019Contemporary Artists: Anthony Gormley and Anish Kapoor
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12 February 2020A Child of Six Could Do It Cartoonists view of Modern Art
11 March 2020Raphael: Genius of the Renaissance in Rome

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Georgia O’Keeffe:
In dialogue with the writings of D.H Lawrence and Aldous Huxley
Deborah Jenner Wednesday 11 September 2019

All three individuals were drawn to New Mexico where they could distance themselves from civilization after the Great War. Invited by Mable Dodge, they formed the core of her Taos utopia albeit over the span of 15-odd years. Great letter-writers, they exchanged views, which nourished each other’s works. For example, Laurence declared, “the human race … a great uprooted tree… cut off from the earth and sun and stars.” O’Keeffe depicted the tall pine near his cabin from below with its branches fanning out against a starry night. O’Keeffe’s erotic flowers inspired Lady Chatterley’s Lover’s nude scene’s floral adornment. Huxley sought, ironically, to repress such passion in Brave New World with electric shock conditioning to develop a hatred of roses. However, his Doors of Perception promised mystical passages, as did O’Keeffe’s series of Patio Doors.