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17 October 2018English Face? English Artists?
21 March 2018Architecture 500BC - 1900AD.
25 January 2018Foreigners in London 1520 - 1677. Artists that changed the course of British Art.
25 October 2017Turner vs. Constable. The Great British Paint-off.
22 March 2017The Changing face of Nature. A History of British Landscape painting.
12 January 2017London's Country Houses: The Villa and the Capital
26 October 2016Art Treasures of St Petersburg
09 March 2016The World of William Shakespeare
06 January 2016Hidden Art Treasures from the Silk Road
05 November 2015Diverse Riche and Costlye Jewells 17th Century Trade and the Cheapside Hoard

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English Face? English Artists? Sarah Cove Wednesday 17 October 2018

Five Centuries of British Portraiture c1530-c1960

This study day focuses on how portrait paintings were painted in England throughout the ages.

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